The company was founded in 2006 and has from the beginning been engaged in the construction and maintenance of service stations. Our business has expanded over the years in the calibration of the dispensing pump at petrol stations as well as the calibration of the pillars of air for filling car tires. On the Slovenian market we are important company in this field with many years of experience. We worked and we are working with the most fuel providers and managers of service stations in Slovenia. (SHELL, TUŠ, MOL, petrol stations without staff, internal gas stations…)

In 2012, our business has expanded to consulting, sales and installation of infra-red (IR) heating panels. We have established a network of sales consultants whi professional explain the benefits of infrared heating.

Thermal insulation coating provides approx. 15% additional cost savings for heating and cooling. It is used for the interior. Applied to the wall the same like painting for interior.

Due to international experiences and need of time in the year 2012 company expanded its activity in the consulting business. Geographically, we are focused on the markets of Slovenia, Austria, North Africa, the Middle East and the former Soviet Union.