IR Heating

IR heating panels are based on a revolutionary infra red technology (IR). They are used for heating of indoor and outdoor spaces. Due to an entirely different way of heating ( not heating  of the air but walls and objects…, people) are substantial savings in heating costs achieved.
These are lower by approx. 60% in comparison with heating oil at a much lower investment and virtually no maintenance costs.

How do heating panels work?

The spectrum of long-wave heat people and objects like solar energy. This wave length spectrum is also of benefit for therapeutic purposes. The most famous use is in hospital incubators for premature babies. Being of people who are heated by this technology is much better than those with conventional heating (convective) . The feeling is similar to the feeling of beneficial solar heat or open fire.

Thermal insulation coating is providing additional cost savings for heating and cooling by approx. 15%. It is used for the interior. It is applied to the wall the same like paint for the interior.

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